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Custom business software is more scalable than off-the-shelf software packages. Since custom software developers operate on a contractual basis, they will continue to maintain the program as your business grows in size.
With off-the-shelf software, you typically run into the issue of the software either being inexpensive to purchase but not suitable for large businesses or software being able to support businesses on a large scale but very expensive to license. Custom software development meets the needs of your company while allowing your business to grow without being limited by your software.
The most important benefit of custom application development is that it is tailor-made by developers to your specifications in order to best serve your business’ needs. It is not unusual for businesses to license software from a software vendor and then discover that it is simply not suitable for their business.
With custom business software, you will be guaranteed that the software makes a great fit for all of your business’ requirements.

Multiple ERPs,
1 System.

Custom application development is capable of operating with the software packages your business already uses. It is almost never the case that multiple off-the-shelf software packages interact with each other perfectly and without errors; licensing business software that is not tailor-made for the software environment your business runs on can lead to your employees’ productivity dropping as they experience continual errors and cannot effectively complete their work.
Custom software development avoids this problem, as it can fit perfectly within your business’ software ecosystem. Whenever budget allows, you can integrate more ERPs that provides solutions for a different aspect of your business into the main system with a custom software.